Discovering ASMR in the bath

Our History


Join millions already experiencing deeply calming, intriguing sounds, and multi-sensory sensations. Discovering ASMR was created to help us all relax, recharge and restore. Viewers describe watching ASMR videos can help them with insomnia, calm anxiety, lessen PTSD and uplift depression. Listening to ASMR can also be used for general relaxation, pain management, helping focus more, meditation, taking a break from children or life, a sleeping aid and added background sounds during the night for white noise or to help study.

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) are physical sensations which usually begin in the head and often works its way down the spine and limbs. The feeling is often described as tingles. Certain sounds can trigger different emotions. An ASMR ‘trigger’ is whatever stimulates the sensation you feel, see, smell, taste or experince. Triggers for the ASMR sensations are endless, and each person will have their own triggers and feelings which pleasure them more or capture their attention. Some sounds and smells may intrigue you while others may want you to move on. Everyone experiences things differently.

Some sounds you may hear are: rain, tapping, crinkling, page turning, pen sounds, soft speaking, talking, breathing, poetry, quotes, white noise, cars, meditation, nature, eating, music, purring, whispering, fabric sounds, cutting sounds. You may also hear a soft nurturing voice and there may also be whispering. Our goal at Discovering ASMR is to create content that incorporates ASMR and Mukbang in an intriguing way. We want to understand what can truly help us all feel better and may of use have experienced stress in our lives so hopefully we will be able to create some content on our Discovering ASMR Youtube to quiet our minds or intrigue us. Together we can all help each other discover more of what our body and mind can do.