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free vocal acapella files for remix/EDM.

The pandemic came out of nowhere and from one moment to the next we lost our jobs as artists, music producers and the work in event technology.
With the help of the scholarship from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia we had the opportunity to write and produce a song about a topic that moved us at that time even more than the fucking Corona Virus: Georg Floyed and the racism in our world.
So we created a song with a cool groove and a statement.

To all fans: If you like, you can download the song for free.
To all producers/remixers: Do you want to produce your own remix?
Cool ! Please send Marra Kesh Records a short request, so we can provide you with the appropriate files, of course free of charge.
The best, coolest and/or most original remix will be realised by MARRA KESH RECORDS.

So, go for it and get in touch, we are looking forward to every request.

Source by Marra Kesh

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