Neuropsychopharmacologist, Zeus Tipado, chats with Madison Margolin about the ways that belief effects altered states.

“It’s safe to say that the psychedelic experience pushes the brain to a much more complex state that can not be achieved with traditional meditation.” – Zeus Tipado

This time on Set and Setting, Madison converses Zeus Tipado on:
  • Zeus’s upbringing and history with voodoo
  • Using religion to understand a Psilocybin trip
  • Religion versus spirituality
  • The power of the brain to induce experiences
  • Placebo and the science of belief
  • God as the psychedelic
  • Microdosing and the expectancy effect
  • How brain structure may affect our religious experiences
  • The Mystical Experience Questionnaire
  • Introverted versus extroverted mysticism
  • Removing ego death from the psychedelic experiences
  • Schizophrenia, Mania, and other altered states
  • Psychedelic-induced psychosis
  • Creativity and divergent thinking
  • The afterglow of a psychedelic experience
  • Electromagnetism and the science of the soul

“The way I understand religion is it’s almost like the embodied practices in order to contain spirituality which is so vast and beyond words.” – Madison Margolin

About Zeus Tipado:

Zeus Tipado is a Neuropsychopharmacology PhD candidate at Maastricht University focusing on researching the brain while under DMT inside virtual/extended reality. He’s using fNIRS (functional near-infrared spectroscopy) to give humanity its first glimpse on brain energy distribution in the visual cortex during this unique psychedelic process.

Unlike the current trend of psychedelic research that investigates how psychedelics can be used to help depression, anxiety…etc., Zeus is looking at the fundamental nature of a psychedelic trip. He’s seeking to understand exactly why and how we trip, and then harness this knowledge to modulate and recreating a psychedelic experience using technology and pharmacological inventions.

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