Here we are with the 3rd Tale of The Fireplace Project!
This artwork was made by a new member in our group, Nathan Pierce. Be sure to check him out.
We hope you’ll enjoy this one ๐Ÿ™‚

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~ Chapter III ~

“Arya used to dream about escaping the forest and going beyond it. She had no idea what lied outside of Rivari. Once out of the woods, she could feel the difference that surrounded her. A sense of freedom, curiosity, and the greatness of this new world excited her. Even just the warm air that welled in her lungs made her feel more alive than ever.

The day was coming to an end when she finally reached the Crimson Peak, a place where anything above the clouds could be seen.

As she stepped forward, something suddenly caught her eye. A gleam of white light slowly emerged from behind the towering clouds. She couldn’t make out the shape of it but eventually realized it was one of the great watch towers once occupied by the elven sentinels: the Lumen Tower. All the tales she was told by her tribe as a child were becoming real now, right in front of her eyes!

The tower’s brilliant light could not be covered or shrouded by anything, not even by the highest clouds or the darkest night. Considering the tower a safe place, Arya had no choice but to move forward and stop there for the night..”

-Artwork by Nathan Pierce:

Mixed and Mastered by me.

Source by Kisnou

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