Here we are with the first Tale of The Fireplace project!

If you need licence for this and my other songs:

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“Arya is the last one of the White Elves specie, born in Rivari, the Frozen Forest. The White Elves were known for their particular rituals: through the use of emotions, extracted with a single touch from the body, they were able to free people and animals from the corruption that was taking away their life. After the apocalypse, she is the only one left with the possibility of giving life to those races that are disappearing by the hands of what they call The Elder.
Without a home, she decides to leave and travel the world in order to help the living beings and save them from their end, trying to discover more about what caused the apocalypse. ”

Music by Kisnou:
Art by 3hil:

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Source by Kisnou

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