produced by Yondo

i’m from a city
where the skinny niggas ride
ain’t pretty
and plenty women lying wind chilly
depression got my mind gone
need love send plenty
i’m falling apart i cannot deny it
why my favorite dreams
is the ones i’m fena die in
where is my balance
why is my grip slipping
something i think i’ll cobain myself
and slip clips in

my ego died they say when it’s gone
that’s when you in your purest form
and why i love when the sun gone
and appreciate when it storm
i see the ice falling slow on the window
she tried to lie say she love me but she didn’t though
she sent a RPG where my heart at
it’s rated R no PGs where my dreams happen
this the land of the heartbreak
broken dreams on a flannel
this the aftermath of hurt
pain scented candles
when she walk into my room
felt my ghost standing
plus i’m awful
all i feel is hurt and panic
when i look inside the mirror
see my demons dancing
running from the truth
girl ima need all the answers

crutches falling
autumn leaves
plus i’m dying
i felt the sunshine turn to rain nigga
i spend days inside and went insane nigga

i’m from a city where these skinny niggas ride for survival
that white man looked at me and starred cause i’m tribal
long black hair like i’m sampson got power
baby girl just starred at me
don’t be scared i got power

loud ass emotions
why i just drown in em
tryna turn the sound down
inside my mind’s prison
and i can’t escape
trapped in this world
where they love to see you break

pain in december got ice on my face
pain in december shoot my wings off i break
something you remember i’m just a broke face
late december morning she saw my body by lakes
love guns out this a war every day
cut my heart off and let a angel take my place
every day my brain clogs way too much to say
make me wanna grip that a.r.
and blast out my brain
like damn..

thank you for listening…

Source by BEAMON

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