The delight of a fresh blanket of snow in the morning quickly subsides when you realize that your car is effectively buried in a drift—and that you’ll likely spend the next hour scraping, thawing, and digging your way out of it. Rather than hurriedly trying to clear your windshield so you can make it to work or school in time, you can opt for a windshield cover that will take the hassle out of winter weather. Get back to enjoying snowfall and be on your merry way (with the heat cranking, of course).

Choosing the best windshield snow cover will ensure that you get the most enjoyment out of snowy weather without the hassle and worry that come from needing to scrape and dig after each new dusting. In addition to making your windshield easier to clean and maintain, a windshield cover also cuts down on potential damage from falling ice and snow-covered debris, which can save you the headache of cracks and chips, and the cost that comes with them. A cover can also prevent your wipers from freezing to your windshield and eliminate the need to raise them in cold weather.

When shopping for a windshield snow cover, the main considerations to keep in mind are the type of fastening used, the thickness required for your specific weather conditions, and the size of the windshield cover itself. Some users may also prefer a model that offers year-round protection. Ensuring that you’ve selected a model with a proper fit for your vehicle is key to enjoying all the benefits that the best windshield snow covers have to offer. Below, we’ve listed some of the different types and styles of windshield snow covers on the market to guide you through your shopping experience.

Advice for buying a windshield snow cover

When shopping for the best windshield snow cover, size, durability, and versatility all come into play. Choosing the proper cover for your vehicle type and local weather conditions will greatly enhance your vehicle’s protection and cut down on the time you spend scraping ice or removing leaves from your windshield. (If you do need to do that, don’t forget we recommend bundling up in snow boots, the best heated insoles and/or heated socks, snow pants, and a winter hat to fight off the icy temperatures.)

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Do you really need a snow cover?

Freezing temperatures combined with snow and ice can lead to accumulations of frost and hard material on your vehicle’s sensitive glass surfaces. It’s hard to understate the inconvenience caused by having to scrape away at ice on the smooth surface of your windshield in cold weather, especially when you’re short on time. By outfitting your car with a dedicated windshield cover, you can prevent the occurrence of this event altogether and replace the need to shovel and scrape with a simple lifting and removing motion. Not only will this save time in the long run, but it will protect your sensitive windshield from chips and cracks, and ensure that your vision is unobstructed while driving.

When considering the best windshield snow cover for your vehicle, go with a model that’s constructed out of stick-resistant materials like PVC and polyester to ensure easy removal and durable protection. Choosing a design that fastens to your car using reinforced straps is also a good move if you anticipate using the cover in windy weather, and this will add some extra peace of mind and insurance against snow and ice building up underneath the surface.

Best windshield snow cover overall: FrostGuard Premium Windshield Snow Cover

The FrostGuard is one of the best windshield snow covers thanks to its heavy polyester construction and durable PVC lining. It uses industrial-strength wraps to attach securely to the vehicle’s side windows and includes two security panels to shut in each door. This kit also includes two drawstring mirror covers and a wiper blade cover to keep frost away from other critical areas.

How icy are things going to get?

Car owners who park their vehicles in extra icy or snowy locations and are looking for the best protection available can benefit from a thicker-than-average windshield cover made of polyester or other tough materials to offset potential damage from hail, branches, icicles, and other cold-weather debris. Locations with higher occurrences of hail storms and ice storms can be treacherous for even the most durable windshields, so a snow cover that’s up to the task is key to preventing vehicular glass damage.

When shopping for the best durable windshield cover for snow, look for a design with polyester construction that is rated at 600D or better. 600D polyester is a water-resistant material that’s commonly found in luggage, backpacks, and other tough gear. An extra-thick polyester construction comes with the bonus benefit of being perfect for blocking out harmful ultraviolet rays from hitting your windshield and dashboard on sunny days too.

Most durable windshield cover for snow: OxGord Windshield Snow Cover

Users looking for the best durable windshield snow cover for their car will appreciate the OxGord’s tough 600D polyester construction and PVC backing. It attaches via two anti-theft flaps and two mirror elastic bands and is built to be resistant to water, snow, debris, and ultraviolet light. An included bag makes this cover easy to store when you’re driving around and easy to reinstall after you park.

Consider a universal, one-size-fits-all option

Windshield snow covers come in many shapes and sizes to match a wide variety of vehicle types, which ensures the snuggest and most accurate fit in critical weather applications. If you own multiple cars and want to use a single windshield cover for swapping between cars, or if you’re looking to buy a windshield snow cover as a gift and don’t know exact measurements, a universal windshield snow cover may be the best option for you.

The best universal windshield covers for winter should include a fastening system that accounts for variable widths between models of cars. The most common design utilizes the front doors of the vehicle to secure the cover to the windshield. Doing so allows for the cover to be pulled taut against the front of the glass while also adding the benefit of extra-secure fastening that won’t easily come undone in windy weather. The only caveat is that the measurement from the top of the windshield down to the wipers can be less forgiving and potentially result in snow falling below the cover or part of the windshield remaining exposed. For this reason, universal snow cover models usually come in extra-large and standard sizes to accommodate the size gap between sedans and SUVs.

Best universal windshield cover for winter: EcoNour Car Windshield Cover

The EcoNour windshield cover is perfect for car owners with odd-sized windshields, multiple vehicles, or as a gift. It comes in two universal sizes that are based on different classes of vehicles and are designed to cover the entire windshield area including the wipers. Like other models on this list, it attaches using mirror elastics and anti-theft door panels, and it’s constructed out of durable 600D polyester for maximum longevity and protection.

A double-sided cover offers snow and sun protection

Standard windshield covers serve a unique purpose and are designed to provide snow-blocking benefits that you can’t get from traditional windshield covers. If you’re looking for a windshield cover that will protect your vehicle from ice in the winter and UV protection in the summer, a double-sided windshield cover is a way to go. Users who frequently park their car in locales with a wide variance of year-round weather will appreciate the ease of flipping over their windshield cover to suit the weather without the added hassle or space required of stowing an extra cover.

The best double-sided car windshield covers will feature a robust attachment system to allow users to reverse the cover any time without any negative effects to its stability and security. Seek out a windshield cover that has a reflective coating on its UV-resistant side to ensure maximum diffusion of light rays and a durable, thick polyester or PVC finish on the winter protection side. Looking for a model that includes cotton insulation between these two layers adds additional temperature-regulating benefits that extend from cold to warm weather and everywhere in between.

Best double-sided car windshield cover: Fedciory Autoclub Car Windshield Snow Cover


Highly Reflective

Heavy-duty wheel straps keep this snow cover secure in extreme weather.

The dual-sided cover is one of the best options on the market due to its thick three-layer construction, which consists of a dark PEVA layer, an inner layer of cotton, and a solid, non-woven reflective layer. It’s secured with wheel straps and anti-theft wings and comes with two high-reflection mirror covers for added protection and visibility in the heaviest storms. The reflective side is perfect for hot and sunny days and works to significantly decrease heat buildup in your vehicle.

Magnets ensure your windshield snow protector fits snugly on your car

Windshield snow covers use a variety of fastening systems to keep them snug against the surface of the windshield, and usually require being tied to the side mirrors or shut in the door to stay secure. Another popular variation uses magnets to fasten to the front of the car, which ensures a gapless connection to the vehicle and offers some extra insurance against high winds and potential ice formation.

When shopping for the best magnetic windshield cover for your vehicle, go with a model that uses some combination of magnetic fastening and tie fastening to make sure you have steadfast coverage throughout a variety of weather conditions. A design that features a combination of mirror, door, and magnetic fastenings covers every base. The best part is that the magnetic feature means you don’t have to rely solely on the door to keep the cover set; that means you won’t have to remove or reset your windshield cover every time you need to open the door.

Best magnetic windshield cover: Ice Shield Magnetic Windshield Snow Cover

Designed to fit on a wide range of vehicles with a secure fit, the Ice Shield is one of the best magnetic windshield snow covers thanks to its system of 13 rare-earth magnets augmented by mirror ties and anti-theft door flaps. This is a great choice for users who park their vehicles in extremely windy areas due to the added strength that the magnets provide. It doesn’t come with a storage bag, which could be an issue in wetter climates, but it’s so secure that it’s still a great value for the price.

Need an affordable windshield cover?

Windshield covers are simple tools that can get the job done at nearly every price point, but there are some variations to keep an eye on if you’re shopping on a budget. The best cheap windshield snow covers should be constructed from thick polyester to ensure maximum protection and durability, and they should include a number of dedicated fastening systems to keep the cover taut and secure. (You may have to compromise a bit on versatility, as it’s hard to find reversible windshield covers with true reflective backing on the cheap.) Magnets tend to come at a bump in cost, as well. If you live in a location with milder winters and light to moderate winds, a cheap windshield protector might be all you need.

Best cheap windshield snow cover: Keystand Windshield Cover

The Keystand offers high performance for shoppers on a budget, making it one of the best cheap windshield snow covers on the market. It uses four fixed buckles and two anti-theft door wings to remain securely attached to the front of your vehicle, and it covers the entirety of the windshield, including the wipers. It’s constructed out of durable 600D polyester and features a waterproof layer made out of aluminum film for high performance at a reasonable price point.


Q: How do I choose the right windshield snow cover size?

The most critical measurement when choosing the right windshield cover size is from the top of your windshield to the wipers. Many windshield covers are manufactured in universal sizes (if there’s extra width slack it can be tucked securely under your door). There are generally two classes of windshield cover: one for sedans and hatchbacks, and one for SUVs and trucks.

Q: Do snow covers work in extreme cold?

Windshield snow covers are designed specifically to work in extreme cold and deter the formation of ice and frost on your windshield. They’re made from polyester or PVC, which are naturally water-resistant and extremely durable, and they’re sometimes lined with cotton for extra temperature protection for your car.

Q: What’s the best windshield snow cover for trucks?

When searching for the best windshield snow cover for trucks, go with a universal model that offers enough surface area to clear the entirety of the truck’s windshield on both dimensions. If you can measure the truck’s windshield before making your purchase, you’ll be opened up to selecting a model that’s an even better fit than universal designs, which may render better protection results over the long term.

A final word on shopping for windshield snow covers

The best windshield snow covers are available in many sizes to fit a variety of vehicle types. Some models offer year-round protection from UV rays and snow alike, and others are designed to be incredibly tough and durable for the most extreme weather conditions. If you’re in doubt about the measurements of your car or want to use a single cover for multiple vehicles, choosing a universal-fit windshield cover is a great way to get protection without breaking a sweat. No matter where you live or what you drive, a windshield snow cover is a useful exterior car accessory that’s easy to use and makes your vehicle easier to maintain.

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