Making cocktails is an art. Luckily, you can easily master the skills and make cocktails like your favorite mixologist. You can learn to make the best cocktails, whether it’s for your family and friends or you want to become a mixologist. You only need to get the equipment and master a few basics, and within no time, you’ll be a pro. Here are some of the tips that can greatly help you.

How to Make Delicious Cocktails
How to Make Delicious Cocktails

Have The Right Tools

A few bar tools are essential if you want to make the best cocktails. Some of the basic things you need to get include a shaker, a bar spoon, jigger, muddler, and strainer.

Know Some Recipes

You don’t have to master all the recipes for making cocktails. However, you should master the recipes for making a few cocktails, especially the less complicated ones such as a margarita recipe, mojito recipe, and the espresso martini recipe.

Learn The Essential Techniques

You need to learn a few cocktail-making techniques since you’ll be using them often. These include:

  • Shaking – You will need to shake cocktails that have heavily flavored ingredients or juices
  • Layering – Layering simply refers to adding various ingredients in order, starting with the heaviest ones to the lightest.
  • Stirring – You will need to stir cocktails that are poured on glasses directly or those that contain liqueurs.
  • Straining – Straining is necessary for removing the ice used when shaking or stirring.

Use Fresh Ingredients

The ingredients you use to make your cocktails can make a very big difference. It’s advisable to use fresh garnishes and herbs when making cocktails as they look presentable and add vibrancy and distinguished flavors. Fresh ingredients are also healthy.

Chill Your Glasses

Chilling a glass before serving cocktails helps them stay colder for longer. And you don’t have to chill them after making a cocktail; you should always chill them before. Also, chilling glasses enhance the aesthetics of a cocktail, thanks to the frost.

Chilling your glasses is simple. You can put them in a freezer for 30 minutes or fill them with ice cubes and let them rest for a while. This method is faster than the freezer one.

Sample Them Before Serving

If you are observant, you might have seen bartenders put a straw in a drink, then put it in their mouth. They do this to sample the drink and determine whether it has come out fine. You should also do the same before serving cocktails. Some of the ingredients might be off, and you can’t know it unless you taste it.

Use The Right Glassware for Serving

Using the right glassware for serving cocktails takes your drinking experience to a whole new level. Gone are the days when cocktails were served in anything, including mugs. There are several types of several glasses. These include:

  • Highball Glasses – Highball glasses are tall and straight and are usually filled with ice. The straight glass shape preserves carbonation and ensures that the cocktail remains cold. Highball glasses are mostly used for serving dark and stormy, gin and tonic, and rum and coke.
  • Couped Glasses – Couped glasses are used for serving cocktails that don’t need straining and no ice. Their long stem ensures that you don’t make the cocktail warm using your hand. Some of the drinks you can serve from this glass include gimlet, Manhattan, and boulevardier
  • Martini Glasses – Martini glasses are among the most popular cocktail glasses. They are V-shaped and very stylish. They are ideal for drinks that contain little or no mixers, such as martini, sidecar, and cosmopolitan.
  • Margarita Glass – Margarita glasses have large and round bowls. They are good for serving drinks such as margaritas and daiquiri. Their rims are very broad, which enables them to hold garnishes. They also have a stem which you hold to prevent heating the drinks with your hands.

Dilute Them Properly

Best Cocktails
Best Cocktails

Diluting simply means adding water to cocktails. One of the worst things you can do to a cocktail is overdiluting it. Doing so makes the nice flavors get dull. Under diluting is also not good for cocktails. Just balance dilution to make sure you don’t underdo or overdo it.

Making cocktails is not rocket science. You can easily learn how to make them and perfect your skills by practicing. With the above tips, you can make cocktails like professional bartenders to enjoy at home with your family of guests. You can also get started on your mixology career.

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