I probably get asked everyday about my tattoos, meanings of them, stories behind them, alll the questions. I have been pondering about doing this for a long time only because people are so opinionated when it comes to religion/Christianity/God/Jesus/allllll that.. which is what my tattoos are about. BUT YOU GUYS WANT IT SOOO I GUESS YOU GET WHAT YA WANT πŸ€ͺπŸ’• lmao the phone also died at the very end so I couldn’t finish all the questions, but if you want a second video on them let me know. I’m eating dehydrated seaweed snacks so if you don’t like super crispy, crunchy eating sounds maybe don’t watch lollll (it sounds like pop rocks 😍)

Triggers: close up whispering, crispy/crunchy eating sounds

Love you guys ❀️

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