Either way, you have to free yourself from these massive weights so you can go on with your life. When you’re no longer shackled by bitterness and love undone, you feel lighter and more positive. You will revitalize your mind for today and whatever lies ahead for you.


18. Tune in to Music to Recharge Your Positivity Batteries

Few could deny music’s emotional and spiritual impact on every living thing. Another way to reboot your energy is to listen to some of your favorite songs, no matter what genre. Get your body grooving to the beat, sing, laugh, and get lost in harmony.

19. Show Gratitude Each Day

How do you feel when you give someone a gift and express their sincere gratitude? You’ll often find that the giver is just as blessed as the recipient. Make a habit of showing your appreciation to others and the Universe, and notice how your positive energy grows exponentially.

20. Spend Some Time Outdoors

The Universe is an ever-expanding source of energy that resonates in all things, including every cell in your body. So, it stands to reason that spending time in nature is a superb way to recharge your batteries. You wonder what secrets the breeze whispers through the trees as your heart rejoices in the chorus of birds overhead.

Make it a point to spend a few minutes outdoors every day. Instead of sitting at your desk during lunch break, go outside and commune with nature. You can’t help but feel more positive about your connection to everyone and everything.


recharge your positivity

Final Thoughts on Recharging Your Positivity Batteries So You Can Shine On

Your body isn’t meant to be in perpetual motion, and you need a chance to rest and revitalize yourself. When you combine these suggestions with a healthy dose of positive thinking, you’re on the right track. Remember to be kind to yourself and get the rest you need to kickstart another day…and SHINE ON!

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