At Who What Wear we consider putting together an outfit an art form of sorts. You have to balance shapes and proportions, pair colors, and let your creativity and personal style shine through. Having to do this every day of our lives can feel like a lot—some days are easier than others, right?— which is why we’re all about outfit formulas that pay off every time. We write about perfect outfits a lot, whether it’s first-date outfits our single friends swear by or the spring tops that pair especially well with jeans. Today, we’re focusing our outfit attention on looks that feel especially upscale, but don’t hit your wallet like one. Who doesn’t want their outfit to punch above their budget? From a monochrome matching set moment to vegan leather that looks plain ol’ rich, keep scrolling to check out our high-end outfit ideas and shop the “get the look” items. Swear, you’ll look like you spent at least double what you paid.

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