Dare I say that this year’s spring nail trends are the best that I’ve seen in a while? I’ve loved the nail trends of seasons past, but none have gotten me quite as excited as this spring’s. If there’s one consistent vein that runs through each of this spring’s nail trends, it’s embracing color and bringing happiness to your fingertips. After a long winter, these nail trends are exactly what we need.

Some things are remaining constant, though. Nearly every nail expert I spoke to said that almond-shaped nails will continue to reign this spring since this shape looks good on everyone’s hands. “It’s a shape that’s flattering for most nails,” says Brittney Boyce, Celebrity Nail Artist and Founder of Nails of LA. “Some people have nail beds that are too narrow, making coffin or stiletto shapes look too skinny as it tapers up. Others have wider nail beds and the coffin shape just doesn’t look as flattering.”

When it comes to color, metallics will bring a bit of dark glamor, but pastels will be the real star of the show. Pastel nails have always shown up strongly in the springtime, but this year, we’re steering away from Easter egg–esque pastels and leaning into richer, more wearable colors, like matcha green and Monet blue. Keep reading to find out this spring’s best nail trends, so you can be ahead of the curve.

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