What makes a life worth living?

Most of us pursue happiness. The American constitution even considers it an unalienable right. But what is happiness? A feeling of joy running through your body? A life filled with happy moments? Recognition, stable relationships or the absence of suffering? Paradoxically, the pursuit of happiness can lead us away from a good life, and make us strive for the unreachable or sacrifice the good life for instant satisfaction. Research even purports to tell us which countries have the highest happiness scores, and which activities create feelings of happiness within us.

Meditative silence brings us closer to our own spontaneous inner flow. This enhances our contact with ourselves and with others. How does this relate to happiness and the good life? What are the dilemmas encountered when searching for a meaningful life? The reflections discussed in this webinar are based both on research and experience with Acem Meditation.

This free webinar is being held by Vilde Haakensen, a medical doctor and Acem instructor, on Saturday, November 20 at 1500-1600 Central European Time (Oslo, Berlin, Barcelona). For practical information, click here.


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