You may have seen videos on YouTube or Facebook in which people are eating a lot of food while producing sounds or talking with the viewers. People share such videos because it is an emerging trend nowadays, called Mukbang. You may be wondering what Mukbang is? What is Mukbang meaning? Why is it becoming so popular? Why people love to watch Mukbang videos and much more. So, let’s discuss everything to remove the confusion.

What is Mukbang?

Nowadays, food lovers are obsessed with a new video genre called Mukbang. This is a Korean word that means eating broadcast. Usually, it is live footage of a person eating a lot of food. While eating, the host produces different eating sounds and interacts with the audience.

Mukbang video trend started in 2010 in South Korea however, this is popular now everywhere. The content creators have made Mukbang YouTube channels despite the growing trends. Many YouTubers are creating and sharing Mukbang videos with their followers and gaining much appreciation.

Why is Mukbang Popular?

Maybe the idea of watching someone eating in a video looks absurd to some people. But this is something you will really enjoy. The reason behind the popularity of Mukbang is the euphoric effects produced by the eating sounds. Hence, a neurological factor, called ASMR, also contributes to the Mukbang videos popularity among so many people.

ASMR and Mukbang

ASMR refers to Autonomous Sensory-motor Response that is highly linked with your mind or physiological aspects. This is a brain-tingling practice or feeling that is extremely soothing or relaxing. Some people get such feelings when they hear different sounds or whispers. 

The sounds or triggers could be anything like water falling, birds chirping, finger tapping and so much more. However, sound generated by eating food is one of them. Some people enjoy Mukbang videos mainly because of the eating sounds produced by hosts such as chewing, drinking, finger topping slurping, and more. These sounds in Mukbang ASMR videos help many people to feel relaxed and easily fall asleep.

Best ASMR Artists on YouTube 

ASMR videos are usually watched to fulfill the ASMR needs of individuals. People love different sounds produced by hosts while making videos. The sounds could be anything like eating, slurping, and others that could be highly satisfying for many. Because of the growing popularity of this trend, many YouTubers are sharing interesting ASMR videos with their followers. However, there are various ASMR artists on YouTube making the best content with excellent audio antics. Let’s go through the top ASMR YouTubers who allow people to enjoy and get relaxed with their interesting videos and sounds in them.  

  • Zach Choi – 13.6m

Zach believes that silence is olden and he incorporates hot to cooking instruction at the start of his videos so you too can cook his meal at home. He has quickly shot up in the ranks of dominating the ASMR foodie creators videos. He has a sleep and dark bad boy energy while being nice and mysterious to hook viewers in for more.

  • Gibi ASMR- Subscribers: 3.45m

Gibi is one of the best ASMR video creators that delivers some eye-catching videos to her audience. She is highly talented however her ASMR videos are great and the viewers enjoy a lot. Because of her outstanding approach, Gibi has many followers making her a go-to and successful ASMRtist for making cosplay videos by involving real characters. 

Gentle Whispering- Subscribers: 2.08m

Another famous ASMR artist is Maria Viktorovn who is famous for her YouTube channel Gentle Whispering. Her ASMR videos cast a significant effect on people’s minds by making them relaxed with great 3D sounds and effects.

ASMR Glow- Subscribers: 1.49m

With so many YouTube followers, Glow is one of the famous ASMR artists for making high-end videos usually inspired by celebrities. Her videos produce devastating ASMR effects on viewers. Her most-watched and high-rated video is ASMR Fixing You Whispered Roleplay that involves various sounds like face brushing, gloves, or scratching sounds. 

ASMR Darling- Subscribers: 2.52m

Darling is a famous ASMR artist who played a huge role in creating great videos full of ASMR effects that relax viewers a lot by providing a euphoric state of mind. Her YouTube channel is highly famous however her videos are soothing, calming, and stress relieving. She is extremely talented to produce 20 to 100 different triggers with less time. 

ASMRThechew- Subscribers: 750k

Spirit Payton loves eating a lot of food while producing different sounds in front of the camera. This produces a powerful ASMR impact on viewers as they find the eating sounds extremely relaxing. Because of her incredible ASMR videos collection, she is a successful and highly popular ASMRtist. 

Discovering ASMR – New

We are new and would love for you to follow our journey to help us all relax, recharge and restore. We welcome suggestions, feedback and your requests.

Professor Craig Richard’s Investigations into ASMR

Craig Richard, Ph.D., is the founder of the ASMR University website and he is also the coordinator of the largest database about ASMR. He first learned about ASMR in 2013 when he was listening to a podcast, and today he has become an expert in this field. According to him, ASMR is “similar to the deep relaxation someone might feel if they’re getting a massage,”

He has published a book called Brain Tingles: The Secret to Triggering Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response for Improved Sleep, Stress Relief, and Head-to-Toe Euphoria. The book is being described as “A user-friendly guide to ASMR—the stress-reducing, sleep-inducing, tingly sensation you have to try!— featuring step-by-step instructions on ASMR best practices for home and professional use alike.”

Richard explained his intent behind writing this book by saying “There is not a guide out there for how to stimulate ASMR. The intent of the book, therefore, is to encourage and teach people how to stimulate person-to-person ASMR. This can help lull a child to sleep, soothe a stressed family member, relaxing a friend or romantic partner, creating ASMR videos, or incorporating proper ASMR techniques into spas, health studios, wellness centers, counseling sessions, and clinical research studies.”

Brain Tingles studies have made it possible to share and stimulate the relaxing tingles in our everyday lives. This is a feeling that can be generated person to person without the need for any special tools, techniques, or equipment. This results in a calming and relaxed state of mind and tingly euphoria that allows you to feel calm and sleep well. For euphoric relaxation, many people love to watch ASMR videos on YouTube channels. 

Many other experts like Craig Richard, An ASMR blogger, Jennifer Allen, Karissa Burnett conducted significant research on the ASMR topic and shared valuable figures and facts about this phenomenon. 

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