Notifications, pings, and alerts are the sounds that send anxious quivers in our spines, but many consumers love to use technology to soothe themselves. ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is an innovative technology used to show the experience of amusing and tickling sensational feeling from your scalp to the whole body. We can describe this commotion like someone is whispering in your ear that shivers down your spine. Car ASMR installed in electric cars invigorates equanimity and positive emotions. These videos illustrate few people are walking around a car and touching its surface, pushing the buttons and rubbing the interior part to generate fascinating sounds like the sound of water flowing in an ocean or river, night rain, people eating, or whispering.

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Electric cars have a strong linkage with Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response because electric vehicles expedite innovative driving experience and empower the users to observe, appease and gratify. Tesla Model X and Aston Martin DB4 generate tingly and mesmerizing sensations. These electric cars can transmit sensational high-voltage impressions to relax your mind by providing detailing videos with pleasant-to-hear voices. Mercedes-Benz Class A lets users grab their headphones and dive in the pacifying sensations of ingenious A-Class saloon, and enjoy the satisfying and relaxing dings of the car wash. Renault also offers its customers these advanced features to foster peace and comfort and make their driving more manageable and more relaxing.

A considerable set of electric cars users believes that these soothing videos help decrease heart rate and increase skin conductance levels, which is the prominent indicator of stimulation. People admire car ASMR because it helps them provoke pleasant feelings by releasing endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. Communal having this exceptional technological gadget in their vehicle observe deep sleep because it succors the brain to release particular neuro-chemicals. It activates those specific regions of the brain that are highly linked with deep emotions of delicacy and relaxation and evoked during the caregiving attitudes, grooming, and interpersonal bonding. So, our brain identifies the attributes of soothing, non-threatening, and fascinating sounds, which can help induce relaxation.

The Soothing Effects of Mukbang

Mukbung comes from the South Korean words “Muk-ja” and “bang-song,” which means broadcast eating because a particular class of people enchants others by broadcasting themselves on the internet while consuming meals, generating weird sounds, and staring into the cameras, which generates soothing sensations that positively affect people’s psychology. This latest concept inspires a particular community to attain contentment and gratification. Fast food brands use this strategy to captivate customers. Joya Bravo’s famous McDonald’s commercial depicts how people enjoy the food by singing a fantastic song with engrossing sounds of food chewing. Such Ads stimulate the viewer’s comfort level, and they heavily desire to have the same food while sitting in cars. Another amazing fact is that mukbangers amuse their fans by presenting various exciting food challenges. For instance, the channel BreadMeatsFood uploads numerous fast-food competition of videos to grab the attention of viewers. This exciting and challenging content inspires and maintains the personal connection of YouTubers with the audience. Viewers enjoy this content and attain inner satisfaction and comfort.

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Mrs. Gaskin entertains her viewers with eating videos while driving through her primary YouTube channel Bolveslife, that enchant them and enable them to savor food palettes producers present in any form: from eating utensils to edible makeup or diamond stilettos. These mukbang videos give the audience immense pleasure derived from eating, and they feel they are getting some relaxing massage. She got immense fame for her consumption of seafood boils. Her fans also comment that the videos are so relaxing, give them goosebumps and enable them to relax and sleep. That’s why her channel has gained 464K subscribers, and 900000 followers admire her on Instagram.

Buzz, the pioneer of Korean Mukbangers, is famous for entertaining people by eating massive junk food while maintaining his impressive physique. Because of his enchanting capability of speaking multiple languages, he engrosses millions of users around the world. His videos stimulate users’ appetite; slurping and chewing sounds generate tingling sensations and soothe them. Because of this reason, his channel has gained 187K subscribers and 362016 views. Thousands of his admirers tune into the channel to amuse them with binge-eat during the car ride.

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