What Is ASMR?

ASMR is a comfortable, calm, and pleasurable sound that gives you brain tingles, starting from your scalp and entering into your whole body, giving you goosebumps. ASMR was introduced in 2010, however, the feeling of brain tingles already existed. For example, when someone massages your head or brushes your hair, you suddenly get a tingling sensation, you might even feel it when you’re extra cold. If you have used one of those head-scratchers, you probably already know what ASMR feels like.

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Why Do Artists Have ASMR In Their Art?

According to research, ASMR is the next best thing, it won’t be long until you see it in every commercial or page. There are plenty ASMR creators who have a following of millions. See, that’s how many people are into ASMR’s. Companies that commonly use ASMRs in their advertisements are drinks. For example,  this Sprite ad starts and ends with ASMR of pouring a drink, which seems enticing.    

ASMR is not a cure for anxiety or sadness, but it makes people feel good. It triggers them, makes them excited, comfortable and gives them goosebumps; eventually, it attracts people. That’s just what artists need, to attract people towards their art. These artists might include videographers, musicians, YouTubers, etc. Also, considering how numerous artists like Cardi B and Ava Max have tried ASMR and showed positivity towards it, their huge fan following might be aware of ASMR and enjoy it.

What Type of ASMRs Do Artists Use?


If you haven’t already listened to proper ASMRs, you surely must have seen a ‘Mukbang’. Mukbangs are videos of people eating slowly, extremely close to their mic, without any extra background sound, hence creating the effect of an ASMR. It has become popular; and while it does allow calmness and relaxation, it’s extremely satisfying, definitely makes you crave food, and viewers enjoy it! Here is an example of a Mukbang.


Many influencers and content creators use ASMR in their content to attract viewers, this includes ASMRs like tapping, sipping, mixing, typing, and much more. It’s also known as the happy corner of Instagram, where you can take your mind off social media and relax.


Another famous social media outlet, TikTok has users who have made their accounts specifically for ASMR. Some TikTokers show videos of destruction through squishing of cans, bottles, and anything. Even though these might not be the best for relaxation, they are super satisfying and one can watch these videos all day long.


This technique is usually done by makeup artists on YouTube, whispering the next step they will do, or any tips and tricks they usually do, plus swatching colors on their wrists. It makes one enjoy the video relaxingly, this way they get more views and watch minutes that will benefit them, especially when people get addicted to watching these videos.


Painting mixing ASMR is soothing, calming, and exceptionally satisfying, Artists do this on their social media platforms. This is combined with gentle noises and whispering to make the viewer more triggered, making them watch the video repeatedly.

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