Before we get onto which brand uses which ASMR, you would want to know what ASMR is. ASMR is a peaceful and positive feeling that the whole body feels, specifically by giving the brain a tingling sensation. ASMR has a lot of unique types since not everyone is triggered by a certain sound.

Why do brands use ASMR?

A lot of us ignore or skip ads whenever we see them unless it’s appealing; well, that’s what brands are targeting! Yes, advertisements can be lengthy, have morale, but not everyone will have time to watch the whole thing and might be annoyed. Targeting customers through ASMR can be a short and enticing technique, saving time for both the creator and the viewer. Also, since it’s a trend, everyone wants to go with it!

Is ASMR Effective on the Audience?

People from the age of 18 to 24 face a stressful phase in life, studies, applications, jobs, and what not! These people need relaxation, peace, and positive vibes. According to research, 50% of ASMR searches are from this age group. Hence advertisements including ASMR will attract this age group. While older people take part in yoga, meditate, to take them into serenity, they might love watching relaxing videos with calm sounds; and brands can target them through ASMR.

3 Brands That Use ASMR:

  1.  COACH

COACH introduced an ASMR video for their Handbag advertisement in March 2021; one of many of their ASMR commercials. It includes ASMR of cutting leather by hand, with a pair of scissors as well as a cutter; dropping leather cut pieces, and preparation of the handbag. The video is short and enticing. The description states to ‘see and hear how we are rethinking our approach to craft’, pointing out how they have followed the trend of ASMR, which will initiate a positive response from their audience.

Makeup and ASMR go well together. This advertisement shows tapping of products, swatching colors, gentle communication, and rolling of products, leading a person to be calm while watching the video. The slowed video can easily show how exactly products apply. The current trend is light makeup, and the nude color scheme of this product range supports that. Hence, it’s already targeting viewers, but ASMR will make sure the viewer stays to watch the whole video. This way they will get an idea of the brand and its products and may become potential consumers.

This video includes a great amount of ASMRs, showing how one can make a perfect dorm room. It includes gentle communication, scratching, rubbing, massaging, tapping and is amazingly satisfying. It gives a calm and peaceful sensation like one is in a state of serenity. One can watch this, with IKEAs other ASMR videos all day long to relax their mind; which could help the brand target customers. The longer they watch it, the more stuff they would want to buy, like the bed sheets and pillows in this video, as they would feel it is relaxing in reality as they do in the video.

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