ASMR (autonomous meridian sensory response) is a sensation felt by a certain group of people. Not everyone is disabled to experience ASMR. Hence, some people are ASMR observers while some are non-observers. It is a specific pleasantly warm and tingling sensation that ASMR observers experience after exposure to sound and sight stimuli like whispering and videos etc. These sensations are also called “brain tingles “because the observer initially feels these sensations in the brain which ultimately flow to the whole body. These sensations leave behind a soothing and relaxing effect on the observer. Overall a positive impact is observed in ASMR observers when certain stimuli are provided to them.

1: A research-based in Uk.

Research made by a group of neurologists based in the United Kingdom revealed that ASMR videos have a very positive effect on the mood of a person. That research demonstrated that the ASMR observers had a very positive response regarding their mood whenever they were exposed to such stimuli which could in dive brain tingles. For example, an ASMR observer is having a low mood and then moves toward ASMR videos on youtube, he will observe an improvement in his mood. Those who were experiencing some sort of pain and grief also showed to have improved their health after they were exposed to such stimuli.

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2: Psychology team of university of Sheffield.

Research made by a psychology team at the University of Sheffield has proved the beneficial effects of ASMR on the health of those who responded to these stimuli. That research revealed that those who observed ASMR showed a positive response in their mind as well as physical health. ASMR observers were seen to be more relaxed and composed as compared to those who did not respond to ASMR. A decrease in aggression is observed to be associated with ASME. When their heart rates were observed, a huge difference was seen among ASMR observers and non-observers. Those who observed ASMR had a very lower heart rate and blood pressure as compared to none observers of ASMR.

3: Research about physical and mental advantages.

Another study performed in 2018 showed some more interesting results. It revealed that those who experienced AMSR showed a decrease in their heart rates. Meanwhile, increased skin conductance was also observed among them. Increased skin conductance can be assessed by increased sweating. This particular observation intrigued the psychologists that ASMR videos are calming and arousing at the same time. The calming effect is observed by decreased heart rate and arousing effect seen in increased skin conductance. These results showed that ASMR videos have way more effects than they are normally expected to impart on human physiology.

4: Inference.

The overall conclusion of the researches performed by psychologists and neurologists can be wrapped up in a few words that ASMR has mainly soothing and specifying effect on a person along with a slight mood-elevating factor.

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