On some parts of the internet, you can find videos of people telling stories, whispering into microphones, and rubbed their fingertips on sequins. Some people might find these videos snoozy, but they’re wildly popular, regularly attracting millions of views. 

 It’s not the visual content that brings viewers to these videos. Popular music videos are credited with making millions of hits by stimulating a phenomenon called an autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR. It is for this reason that many musicians are becoming interested in ASMR.

Here are few examples of the musicians who are incorporating ASMR into their music:

1. Alaina Castillo ( A Singer-Songwriter)

 Alaina Castillo said whispering has been deemed unhealthy by some. Acapella singing you to sleep is what we’ll just call this. My voice is beautiful and pleasant, a lot of you have told me.”

Billie Eilish’s songs have an entrancing sound that many people enjoy. I believe, despite being unintentionally influenced by ASMR, Billie Eilish came to be associated with it and it has had a knock-on effect to make ASMR more influential within the music industry than it would have been otherwise.

2. Chilly Gonzalez (Musician)

‘I think Billie Eilis’ unique approach to recording music is inspired by ASMR,’ said musician Chilly Gonzalez. When people crinkle paper closely into the microphone, that’s when you’ll hear people crinkling papers closely into the microphone. The first person who I think of to turn this into music is Billie Eilish.


3. Curt Ramsey (American Vocalist)

In my opinion, artists could also make ASMR an intentional part of their music in a way that creates deeper connections with listeners and further relaxes them,” says Ramsey.

 According to my opinion, there is a growing interest in using ASMR in culture in a proper and more widespread manner: ASMR barbershops, ASMR spas, ASMR counselors, and even more ASMR movie scenes or entire television shows. Though we have counseled the finish line yet, I think we will get there.”

ASMR is growing in popularity, being noticed both intentionally and unintentionally, explains Curt Ramsey, the Virginia counselor who uses ASMR to treat clients. YouTube is filled with ASMR covers of songs.

 Integrating ASMR into everyday life is becoming more deliberate. Most of us are aware of the intentions in commercials and shows. I belie Mr qualities of the benefits .of ASMR  from its popularity.


4. Dr. Craig Richard (Professor Of Biopharmaceutical Sciences)

“I think that Billie Eilish’s sound has ASMR qualities to it,” says Dr. Craig Richard, professor of biopharmaceutical sciences at Shenandoah University and founder of the ASMR University website.

She has a POP WRAPPED connection in her music by being gentle, relaxing, and soothing. ASMR-stimulating scenarios must include these components.

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5.             Lisa Hafey ( Former Staff Writer On POP Wrapped)

As far as ASMR is concerned, not everyone is convinced. “There is, indeed, a segment of pop music that specializes in breathy, ethereal vocals, particularly among young female artists,” says Lisa Hafey of the blog Essentially Pop.

The phenomenon exists as long as pop music has, and for a long time before ASMR became popular. A sensation of pleasant tingling that arises from ASMR. Are breathy singers able to make me feel that way? I would say no.”

 6. Phoebe Bridgers ( American Singer)

Bridgers’ ASMR, however, isn’t meant to be triggered by physical sensations. You can escape for a few minutes from the world when you play this game. Pop’s ultimate purpose, of course, is to entertain.

Pitchfork MEDIA quotes Bridgers: “I sometimes use ASMR videos when I’m writing to provide background Ambien. You can get sucked into it, but it also blocks out your life. With this, you get brain fog and fall asleep.

Bridgers says he has been watching ASMR videos since he was a teenager before they became popular. Back then, they were known as whisper videos. When I was researching the lymphatic system for my school paper.

I found tons of YouTube massage videos that you can fall asleep to. The school library was where I spent hours watching them. I found this hipster wellness over a year ago while trying to sleep.”

Final Thoughts

As well as looking at ASMR’s brain activity, scientists have also explored its physiology. At Dartmouth College, researchers studied the brains of ASMR sufferers by using functional MRI. A developmentally advanced region of the brain related to self-awareness, social information processing, and social behavior, the medial prefrontal cortex, could be activated in primates. Experts also believe ASMR’s influence on broader culture will grow more pronounced in the coming years.

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