“ASMR is all body, all heart. Pure bliss.”

― A.D. Aliwat, In Limbo

Do you love the feeling of relaxation and tingling sensation that comes when you hear the sound of the paintbrush hitting the canvas? If yes, then you are not alone in your ability to experience ASMR which seems like a superpower that calms your mind.

In 2019, “ASMR” was the second most searched tag on YouTube in the US.

Right after “Pewdiepie” and after the tag “music”. WOW! Americans searched “ASMR” on YouTube 3,230,000 times last year. And the numbers are growing.

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ASMR is a very pleasant sensory experience

ASMR involves the relaxing sensations that are not produced spontaneously but are the result of external triggers. These sensations are mostly related to hearing, touch, and visual sensations.

Let’s have a look at some of the health benefits of ASMR.

1.     Relieves stress

Modern studies have revealed that watching ASMR videos is a great source of fighting mental illnesses including depression, anxiety, and stress. So whenever you are going through a stressful time of your life, it is better to spend some time watching ASMR videos.

A social media star Spirit, also known as The Pickle Lady, says that ASMR has helped her cope with her rapid degenerative bone disease, which she says was causing her anxiety. Spirit says ASMR helped to ease her anxiety. She was inspired to start her own ASMR video channel to help others.

2.     Solves sleep problems

In this era of modernism, a lot of people suffer from sleep issues and face insomnia. Instead of taking medications that have side effects, it is better to watch ASMR videos.

A 2015 study revealed that the ASMR technique is very helpful and relieved 82% of the people who were suffering from sleeplessness.

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3.     Enhances focus

Out of every 2000 UK adults, more than 7% of them focus on the ASMR technique to maintain mental peace and increase learning abilities. Most of them have reported that they will continue ASMRtechnique because it is helping them to learn better.

4.     Increases physical performance

The use of ASMR is particularly helpful for athletes. By positively impacting mental and physical well-being, it helps the athletes or even anyone to make the most out of the workout.

Moreover, watching the ASMR videos after the workout allows the muscles to relax, thus positively impacting the overall performance. 

5.     Trauma Release

ASMR has proved to be very helpful for the ones who have been dealing with narcissistic abuse or mental trauma caused by sexual assault. 

It gives the patients a different way of perceiving things and understanding how they can move towards positivity and enjoy these by watching ASMR videos.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho explains that people believe that ASMR helps to promote a feeling of relaxation. Some even claim that they feel the effects of ASMR for hours after, but Dr. Judy says there have been no controlled studies on it and any possible health benefits have yet to be determined. She says she does have clients who “swear by this” and she says they use it as an alternative therapeutic technique.

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