ASMR refers to a phenomenon that allows the person to experience a tingling sensation throughout his body when a specific condition is triggered. These conditions are triggered when something is whispered; fingernails are tapped or watching something being stroked on the surface, such as the sound of the chalk on the board.

Additionally, people also experience these kinds of chills while listening to any type of music or looking at a vast, beautiful landscape. Apart from experiencing feelings of joy and wellness, ASMR also helps people in dealing with anxiety-related issues.

Is ASMR healthy for you
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Research on ASMR shows promise.

As ASMR is a pretty new experience in the field of meditation, that is why the research conducted on it is pretty low. But from what the researchers have gathered, ASMR has shown promise and holds the potential for being helpful in the wellness of people. Researchers have explored that ASMR helps people relax after a tiring day at work from the existing evidence.

According to research done in 2015, it was reported that ASMR helps people in countering negative mood symptoms and relieves the person from feeling depression and stress. The researchers also shared the report in which it was mentioned that ASMR had helped some people relieve chronic pain.

Another research in 2018 has supported the fact that watching ASMR-related videos can help people slow their heart rate while allowing them to feel a state of calmness and relaxation. According to the report shared in the research, many people who watched the videos reported that they felt a connection with other people while watching ASMR videos.

ASMR research conducted in 2018 has supported the claim of many people and gave strength to the idea that ASMR holds the potential benefits of making people relax and helps people who have trouble sleeping. The report also supported that ASMR allows the person to experience less pain and anxiety and allows them to feel better while they are sick or upset.

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Why is ASMR healthy for you?

Experiencing ASMR is a healthy activity because one gets distracted from all the anxiety or the pain that he has been experiencing and feels good about himself. Watching ASMR videos can serve as a source of distraction for people who are experiencing anxious thoughts or feeling uneasiness. As the research in the field is relatively new, and there is a need for more thorough analysis, scientists are still unsure why some people experience ASMR and others don’t.

ASMR is a healthy process as Bingham, in his research, noted that “any time an experience doesn’t cause harm to you or anyone else and may produce a sense of well-being, it’s considered beneficial from a therapeutic standpoint.”

As the earlier research has shown promise that ASMR holds the potential for curing pain, relieving oneself from anxiety and feel drowsiness, there is a need for thorough research to be conducted to find out more benefits that one might get from experiencing ASMR.

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