So many people have embraced the introduction of ASMR sound in music. Musicians use the noise because of the susceptibility of so many listeners today. The mere addition of a small teaspoon sound stirring inside a cup of tea might make your song very popular.

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Prominent Hip Hop artist Lil Wayne mastered the art of using ASMR in his songs. On his 2009 mixtape “No ceilings”  ( that featured songs like; Wasted, Throw it in the bag, and Poke her face, he used ASMR on almost every song. The idea of using a ton of lighter flicks was beneficial for him because the mixtape received a lot of positive feedback from his fans. Another Hip Hop guru of this century that understands the magnitude with which songs with ASMR can explode is 21 Savage. The rapper mention in one of his interviews with a renowned media outlet that he was never sure what words like “I was” and “I am” can mean to other people until he released his song “Don’t come out the house.” ( The song blew up on social media platforms with so many people tweeting about it. Because of this, he chose to release a whole track titled “ASMR.” In the way, he used auditory sounds like a repetition of every word in the song, laughing, sounds of spades being drawn, and whispering. He made this song to capture music fans that love listening to songs with ASMR. He made the best decision because the song had over thirteen million views on YouTube.

Since the introduction of ASMR in music worldwide, researchers have noticed that watching these songs can slow your heart rate, which will lead to a state of deep relaxation and calmness. This is very important in reducing a large number of suicide cases recorded globally. Research by World Health Organization indicates that close to 800,000 people die from suicide every year. That is equivalent to one person for every 40 seconds. This is a significant problem in the world today. Suppose the use of AMSR by musicians is helping to reduce these numbers. In that case, it is crucial to notice that these artists contribute significantly to so many people’s well-being.

In Japan, where famous artist Takao Minekawa hails from, ASMR was introduced in their J-pop music genre. Artist Takao is the most popular ASMR artist whose use of different sounds in songs has helped many people in Japan and the rest of the world. She has songs like; “Exit Future Heart,” “The Garden of Earthly Flanger,” and “Plastic Skin (,” in which she uses oceanic sounds and white noises. This art has helped so many people in reducing heart rate and producing overall calming and pleasant effects. It also helps anyone with PTSD by helping them out of the state of a panic attack by causing tingly peaceful feelings.

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The question of whether ASMR is what would make music popular would depend on the listener. Many people who are benefiting today from this kind of music will have a wide range of music from all over the world in their playlist instead of those who don’t need to benefit from the positive effects of ASMR in music. Music is a cure, and you might notice that artists that incorporate new sounds in their songs are famous today because of their unique craft.

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