Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or commonly known as ASMR, is trending everywhere. Either it’s your friend circle, social media profile, or YouTube, everything will be somehow related to talking about ASMR.

This autonomous meridian response can be interlinked with various senses. Most importantly, hearing, viewing, and touching play a vital role. If we narrow down our approach to just sounds, the voice of waterfall or air passing through your ears, or even Mukbang audiovisual broadcasting keeps a separate fan base.

You might have heard many sounds, but if you want more, then we have hand-picked a few most requested sounds along with their reasons to make your day special. Let’s unveil them!

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Most Requested Sounds

These sounds are completely normal for a few people, while others get a relaxing sensation from them. These sounds are improvised or even designed in a way to give an ultimate relaxation to the listeners.  

Blowing and Whispering

Blowing is a gentle voice passing through your ear, just like someone speaking in the microphone slowly. Some people relate it to whispering, but there’s a minute difference that most people ignore. Blowing accompanies a long rhythm; in contrast, whispering comes with a lot of breaks.

No matter whatever the difference is, these ASMRs make the listeners deal with sleeping issues efficiently. According to research conducted by PROS ONE on ASMR says gentle whispering impart feelings of relaxation and calmness.

The deep association of these sounds with sleep and calmness made the people search for them at marginally higher rates than any other.


Tapping stands second in this row. This ASMR trigger involves the rhythmic sound generated by tapping nails on various surfaces. These surfaces generate varying sounds like metal tapping produces different while tapping on glass induces another unique sound. Thus not all people love the same tapping sound; some might love the wood tapping, while others can get attracted to glass tapping.

But whatever the sound is, here, the main concern is the calmness it imparts. That’s the core reason why people are so fond of such sounds.

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Page-turning and Crinkling   

Most people have a deep level of association with the turning of pages, especially when they are new. According to research conducted by NIH, paper turning is among the top 5 ASMR sounds. The popularity speaks the reason by itself.

Just pick up a page and crinkle it; you would be amazed by the sensation that this little trigger imparts. Before doing so, make sure to have a calm, noiseless place so you can enjoy the real feel behind the trigger.   


Typing helps the listener to concentrate as well as sleep tight. There are multiple types of keyboards like butterfly keywords. Interestingly every keyboard produces a unique sound that attracts a lot of ASMR lovers. The best typing that anyone can feel is the one that comes out of typewriters.

Though they have been replaced with the latest technologies but if you find it somewhere, you must enjoy this ASMR trigger, as it will help you in building concentration.

The Bottom Line

There are tons of other sounds like buzzing, humming, chewing, or even scratching, but these sounds have a disputed fan base. Some like them very much, while others get irritated. But whatever the case is, for sure, ASMR sounds help the listener relax, concentrate, and sleep well.           

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