Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

ASMR is the process of relaxing oneself while listening to the sounds of whispers, sounds of typing, or a pen writing on paper.  ASMR is an entirely different phenomenon from that of white noise. It gained popularity in 2010 but is being exercised by people for more than two decades. This is in no way similar to white noise.

White noise includes sounds that mask other sounds or eliminate different sounds while allowing the person to relax after a stressful day, while ASMR enables the person to feel the most various noises and relax. The effect or feeling of ASMR can vary from person to person, and most people cannot even understand the whole phenomenon. If you have ever experienced tingles or experienced a state of calmness or drowsiness while listening to the sounds of crackles, whispering, or scratching, then you have genuinely experienced the ASMR.

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Many people have described ASMR as the experience triggered by visual, auditory, or physical activities. ASMR has gained much popularity over the years, and many people have significantly benefited from it. It is a sort of brain massage that helps the person relax and fall asleep.

White Noise

White noise is basically a noise or set of sounds that carry a constant amplitude in all audible frequency ranges. The term “white noise” is given to those sets of sounds because the white color is a mixture of all other colors, so the sum of all sounds is also referred to as white noise. White noise helps the person relax as it holds power to cancel out all the other sounds in your surroundings. White noise is actually a sound masking effect that enables the person to relax after a tiring day at work.

Basically, the purpose of using white noise in the meditation process is to help the person get over insomnia-related issues. White noise is also used to relax while studying, working, or even while doing exercise. The most common white noise includes the rustling of leaves, the raindrops, birds chirping on a sunny day, and the sea waves.

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But white noise isn’t limited to these only, as people also use artificial sounds to help them relax, such as sound emitted by a hairdryer, sound emitted by the fan, sounds of airplanes, etc. In short, every noise that has a constant amplitude and frequency, and eliminates other environmental noises, can come under the category of white noise.

Bottom Line

ASMR and White noise are two entirely different things. ASMR is a meditation experience that one feels while listening to different kinds of sounds. These sounds can range from music to whispers. On the other hand, white noise is used to experience calmness or relaxation while listening to a sound that cuts out all the different sounds in the nearby area. ASMR has gained much popularity in the past and is continuously gaining popularity among new people to this experience. On the other hand, white noise is most popular among people who want to cancel out other noises while studying or working.

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