Autonomous sensory meridian response, commonly known as ASMR, is a tingling sensation triggered by sounds of whispering, tapping things, shuffling cards, etc. People usually hear these to relax, sleep or enter calmness and peace.

How Can ASMR Help People Sleep?

Although the main purpose of ASMR is to just relax and be calm, most people listen to it to help them fall asleep. People usually have sleeping issues because of their wrecked schedule, stress, or anxiety, but also because they are suffering from insomnia. Since ASMR gives a feeling of calmness, it also leads to a lower heart rate and breathing pace, which can get people to sleep within a few minutes.

According to beginners, listening to ASMR’s did not make them feel a tingling sensation at first, but did make them sleep quickly, which allowed them a good night’s sleep, extremely beneficial for mental health. However, if the sound might trigger one person, it won’t necessarily trigger the other person, which is why a variety of sounds must be present in the video. And if videos don’t work for you, you can try out podcasts!

5 ASMR Videos That Will Put You into Easy Sleep

  1.  Bedtime Story ASMR

Some people love bedtime stories when going to bed, and combining them with ASMR which calms them, can put them to easy sleep. It makes the person imagine the story and create their understanding; It would calm the nervous system, drift their focus to the story, and it makes them feel safe and comforted.

Whispering ASMR isn’t everyone’s favorite, they can lead to a negative emotional response, which will make their sleep worse. People who tend to avoid this should go for no talking ASMR’s, because that way they just listen and go deep into the sound instead of trying to understand what the speaker is saying. It is more preferred for people who want to begin listening to ASMR.

If you’re a bad sleeper and probably overthink all night, feel stressed out, a short ASMR won’t benefit you a lot. This 3-hour long video includes a great amount of unique ASMRs which will trigger a person one way or another. This will eventually calm the person and put them into deep sleep.

If you enjoy gentle whispering in ASMR, this video is for you. This calm-inducing ASMR includes a variety of 20 unique triggering sounds, in case you’re not triggered by any one of them. These can be especially effective for bedtime relaxation. While some of these are generally targeted towards children; people of all ages can enjoy them just the same!

This video does not include a variety of ASMRs, great for people who want to stick to one pattern, and not different, since the response could vary every time making sleep even worse. In this ASMR, the brain is relaxed consistently and comforted, hence releasing endorphins.

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