Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is experienced by specific people. It causes a tingling sensation.  The sensation starts from the scalp. Some researches have shown an increased sensitivity to ASMR in people with autism. This increased sensitivity is helpful in many aspects for people with autism.

Can ASMR possibly help Autism?

Autism spectrum disorder is a complex developmental condition. ASD present with consistent problems of social interaction, verbal communication, and speech. There is a repetitive/restrictive kind of behavior in people suffering from autism. Limited research about the relationship between autism and ASMR is available. A description of this relationship is in the following section.

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ASMR can help when Recovering from Meltdown Stage in Autism

When a caretaker of a person with autism comes across some trigger that can lead to a meltdown stage in the patient, he should make some management to mitigate the symptoms of the meltdown stage. According to scientis researching it, ASMR can be beneficial in this situation. It can cause mitigation of the negative explosive symptoms. Additionally, it can redirect you to a positive emotional direction in this stage. ASMR may further help you in setting calmness and a positive emotional state after the meltdown stage is over.

Prevention of the Meltdown Stage      

If you are a caretaker of a patient with autism, you can recognize a cyclic onset of meltdown stage. If you recognize this cycle of onset of the meltdown stage and it’s triggers; you can use ASMR to prevent the onset of meltdown stage. Using ASMR will keep the patient from facing the trigger. Additionally, the smoothness and calmness created by the ASMR will prevent the occurrence of the meltdown stage; even if the patient faces the potential trigger. There are also anxiety-related disorders in people with autism. ASMR can be helpful for these disorders.

Crisis Management of autism

The use of specific sounds with help of appliances to generate ASMR can help manage the crisis of ASMR. Audio-visual stimuli of ASMR with the use of ear pads are particularly helpful in such situations.

It has also been shown that long-term use of ASMR to cope with autism promotes emotional development. Hence, it can reduce the symptoms of autism permanently in a long term.

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The Takeaway Message

It is said that Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response can help when recovering from the meltdown stage in patients with autism. It can further help in preventing the onset of such meltdown stage if you appropriately redirect patient from the triggers of autism towards ASMR. It is also helpful in the crisis management of Autism. The long-term use of the ASMR helps emotional development. Hence, it can also cause permanent mitigation of some of the symptoms of autism. There is a lot to still learn and discover about this but we all are fascinated by this discovery and looking forward to understanding all of the ways it can help us all.






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