Brands have to be clever in today’s world. trying to stand out in a sea of commercials and competitive options requires them to think out of the box. Here are a few examples of brands that have used ASMR in their advertisements to subliminally allure consumers.

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KFC, which is known for its creative marketing efforts, used ASMR techniques in their Finger-Lickin’ Good Vibes commercial

KFC has used chicken frying in what appears and sounds like peaceful rainfall. And that’s what it has achieved success so far. 

“This [the ASMR crowd] is a community that is absolutely infatuated and enthusiastic about the sensory experience of sound. There’s a lot of comforts that are associated with ASMR, and that’s what our food delivers,” said Kevin Hochman, President, and Chief Concept Officer at KFC. 

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Applebee’s Grill and Bar 

One of the best restaurants, Applebee’s Grill and Bar, has initiated a promotional video using ASMR. In the video, they have used unique grill sounds to attract meat lovers. Applebee’s also used a tagline like “Sit back, relax, and enjoy the soothing sounds of our grill as we prepare a variety of delicious meats.” 

It is the imagery and sound of the grill that appeals to meat lovers, no doubt. 

IKEA: Oddly IKEA Campaign

IKEA also made a classic ASMR-inspired advertisement that runs for more than twenty minutes. It is narrated by an unseen young female and is titled “Oddly IKEA”: IKEA ASMR

She talks slowly, quietly, and methodically about Ikea things that would be suitable for a college dorm room. Viewers may hear soothing, calming noises as they listen, demonstrating how comfortable it is to rest on their duvets and pillows. 

“A series like this is very much in keeping with the Ikea character. Plus, the format of ASMR videos allows you to deliver product benefits in a pleasant, calming way, something a TV spot or print ad doesn’t always succeed at. We hope this demonstrates to everyone who watches that Ikea has solutions that make your homework better. But really, we hope it does what it’s supposed to do: help everyone who watches it relax a little.” said IKEA external communications specialist Kerri Homsher. 

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Burger King 

Burger King has recently launched a new Crunchy Chicken Fillet with an ad campaign. This advertisement has just shown how much pleasure food can bring! 

This commercial includes sounds that serve as a reminder of that warm, delicious feeling that comes from acquiring something delicious, particularly the crunch of Burger King’s sandwich.

In addition, by attaching music to the sandwich, the company helps associate the new sandwich with an enjoyable experience.

BuzzFeed & Zippo

Another excellent example of the ASMR phenomenon! BuzzFeed posted the first Zippo-branded video, entitled “People Make an ASMR Video for the First Time,” featuring clumsy attempts to record a soothing voice-over.

Playing with a Zippo lighter evokes immediate responses from the participants, who also experiment with whispering and cutting paper. It was fun for participants to blow on the flame, rub the flint wheel, and open the lid to make sounds.

“People have recognized the unmistakable ‘click’ of a Zippo lighter for decades, and now new research has revealed that over three-quarters of adults would instantly be able to place the sound. It’s an exciting time for the business to be granted this trademark to acknowledge our sonic signature. The growing ASMR community has organically integrated the Zippo lighter into their world. It felt like a natural space for the brand to explore as part of sharing our momentous trademark news with the world. From a talisman to a tool, people continue to surprise and delight us with the many uses of a Zippo lighter.” said Lucas Johnson, Senior Brand Manager, Global Marketing at Zippo

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Coca Cola 

Coca-Cola’s new ad campaign, released in Europe, showed close-up images of the soda in a glass, an opener prying off a bottle’s top, and a finger removing a can’s tab. This brand has used the full benefit of the ASMR craze. 

Coca-Cola has captioned their campaign as ‘Try not to hear this. With an auditory illusion, Coca-Cola makes every single person thirsty for a coke. There’s nothing stopping viewers from drinking a coke looking at this ASMR video. 

Final Note

As brands constantly look for new ways to connect with their potential customers, ASMR has opened up a new horizon in the marketing field. You see how brands are focusing their concentration on ASMR campaigns to generate revenue. Most importantly, there is a huge opportunity to be a part of global culture. So it is high time to try ASMR strategy into your marketing efforts. 

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